About our Curriculum

Our teaching philosophy

It is said that children under ten have the ability to switch their native language. They can remember anything quickly, free of cares. Because what they learn is superficial they also tend to forget things quickly. Our curriculum is developed with the following in mind. Children love to be read to and as they start to understand each picture book, their curiosity is piqued and they start to like to learn.

Head Start Native Preschool/Kindergarten
Preschool 1 K/Grade1
Preschool 2 Grade1/2
Preschool 3 Grade2/3

Once they reach elementary school there is a lot to study and the time they can spend on just English decreases.

Grade 1 (Japanese)Grade3/4
Grade 2 (Japanese)Grade4
Grade 3 (Japanese)Grade5
Grade 4 (Japanese)Grade5
Grade 5 (Japanese)Grade6
Grade 6 (Japanese)Grade6

If they are in a fun environment, children will study without being asked. We strive to create an environment that children enjoy learning in.

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