Frequently asked questions

Q: My child is still using diapers. Is it okay to start in the Head Start program?
A: Children do not have to be potty trained to start at Cosmos. Twice every morning we take all of the children to the toilet as a group. The children who haven't started toilet training often develop an interest after seeing the other children using the toilet. In class, we also read picture books about toilet training and manners. Please give us a call to discuss more about toilet training.
Q: We don't speak English at home. Is learning two languages at the same time hard on small children?
A: Children have the ability to easily switch back and forth between languages depending on who they are speaking to and where they are. This is very common among bilingual children. Some feel that teaching a second language to children when they have not yet become proficient in their native language can prevent native language development. In order to become fully bilingual, children need to learn in both languages. At our school we encourage parents to read and study at home with their children, in their native language. Many parents following the topics we study in English at the school and do the same in their native language at home.
Q: How does the curriculum at Cosmos compare to those of preschools/kindergartens in English-speaking countries?
A: At Cosmos we use the same learning materials that preschools and kindergartens in English-speaking countries use. We also study a variety of subjects like geography, science and social studies. Graduates of our preschool read at a second grade reading level and often feel comfortable skipping first grade.
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